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Floating Movie Theater

Thai Floating Cinema photo from:
Thai Floating Cinema
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So Saturday night rolls around and you decide to catch the latest action flick at the local cinema. Of course, if you happen to be in Thailand, this common activity could take on a whole new meaning thanks to a floating movie theater located smack in the middle of a bay.

This unique outdoor cinema was constructed for a Thai film festival called “Film on the Rocks Yao Noi.” The amazing venue is called the Archipelago Cinema and is tucked away inside a bay surrounded by towering island rocks and lush jungle plants. The lagoon itself is shallow enough that it turns into a watery beach during low tide. When the tide rolls back in, however, it’s movie time.

Using recycled wood and other materials, a giant modular raft was constructed to hold the audience. Viewers relax on large cushions and enjoy the sounds of the ocean as well as the film on the screen in front of them. The viewing raft is designed to be portable, and will likely be used for other events in the future as well.

Showings only take place during the evening, and special ambient lighting is used to bring the surrounding island scenery to life. This movie-going experience gives a whole new meaning to “theater in the round!” You can view pictures of the theater by searching for ‘Thailand floating movie theater‘ online.

Source: Yahoo! News

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