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How to Grill Like a Pro

chicken cooking on barbecue grillNothing beats cooking on an open flame. Whether you have a gas grill or a charcoal one, the smell of smoke and seasoning is always succulent and savory. But don’t learn grilling techniques by trial and error! Here are a few do’s and dont’s to keep in mind when you’re training to become the next grill master of the family!

Give your grill enough time to heat up: Avoid putting food on too early. Allow at least 30 minutes for a charcoal grill, and less for gas. Hot grates are necessary before you place your food on them.

Important: Allow your meats to sit out and drop to room temperature. This ensures an even cook on the inside and out. Most underestimate the importance of this step!

Try not to open the grill lid too often. Smoke will escape and that will rob your meat of some of its flavor. Maintain a constant temperature throughout and flip your meat only once.

Save your saucing for when the meat is almost done. Barbecue sauce, for example, should be added later in the cooking process and given just enough time to caramelize. If you sauce too early, most of it will fall off or burn.

When in doubt, use a meat thermometer. This is a surefire way to preparing the food accurately and properly.

With these tips in mind, your family will feast like kings every time the grill is fired up!

Source: Forbes

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