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10 Things You Should Buy Used

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” This old adage is still relevant today. This article will help you save your pennies and dollars.

Many items – car tires and underwear come to mind – should always be bought new. But many of the items we use every day can and should be bought used, keeping money in your pocket while providing you with excellent service.

Yahoo! consumer affairs consultant Matt Brownell offers a list of 10 things you should consider buying used:

Video games – avid game players sometimes tire of video games quickly, making used games widely available for half or less of their list price. Weeks after a new game is issued, check Craigslist or GameStop for a cheap used version.
Cars – yes, buying a used car could mean you end up with a lemon. But new cars depreciate by thousands the minute they are driven off the lot. Have the car you want inspected by your own trusted mechanic before you buy.
Stack of booksBooks – especially textbooks, but all books, really, become bargains when bought used. Visit used book sites online or browse in a used bookstore to find your favorites. Bonus: Used books can be cheaper than ebooks and recycling is good!
Baby furniture – Kids outgrow cribs, bassinets and changing tables long before they wear out, and you can find great bargains on like-new baby goods on Craigslist. Spring for a new mattress, but otherwise just a good cleaning and you are good to go.
Other furniture – Used bookshelves, coffee tables or any other furniture you can clean is almost always worth buying used.
Musical instruments – Save a bundle over buying new, and most musicians will say, ‘the older the better.’
Weights and other gym equipment – watch out for rust, but otherwise buy used and reap the resale value if you ever sell.
Cell phones – Refurbished cell phones and smartphones have been sent back to the factory, repaired and repackaged. They will even have warranty protection. You won’t have the latest model, but you will save big bucks.
Clothing – You may be surprised at what you can find in thrift stores – including outgrown and never-worn clothing at bargain basement prices – or less.
Kitchen goods – You can stock your kitchen with dishes, glasses, pots and pans and everything else you need at a thrift shop or by visiting Craigslist. Plug in electronics to be sure they work before buying.

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