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Trending: Weird Baby Names

Baby boy posing for his first portrait
Cricket? Wilder? Happy?

With celebrities these days naming their kids things like Blue Ivy and Bronx Mowglie, it’s no surprise that all sorts of baby names are popping up. My personal favorite celeb baby name? Pilot Inspektor, the son of Jason Lee. While Jason Lee is a funny dude, ensuring his son is going to get beat up on the playground may not be so funny in the long run.

But with the new national roster weighing in at over 33,000 baby names — 50 percent more than were in common use a quarter century ago – you would expect there to be some weird ones thrown in the batch. According to the roster, five girls in 2011 were named Sundae, Moo, Evening and Psalms, while six baby boys were named Treasure and Cougar.

What’s worse than naming your baby something you are unenthusiastic about? Naming them something unenthusiastic—literally. More than 7 baby girls in 2011 were named Eh. Ehhhh.

And naming your son Brilliant (as 6 sets of parents did in 2011) or Famous (as 7 did) is setting a pretty high standard from the get-go! But I guess that’s better than naming your son Maxi, which more than seven sets of parents in 2011 did….

Other weird names to mull over? Tomorrow, Tiger, Law, Benjerman, Island, Graceland and Comfort.

Source: Huffington Post

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