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Crazy Combo or Culinary Genius?

bacon plus ice cream  equals yumBacon and ice cream are two foods that traditionally never cross paths, but an upscale hotel chain has recently added this intriguing concept to its goodies menu. How does “Brown Buttered Candied Bacon Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips” sound to you?

If you are in the area or staying at one of the 50-location Omni Hotels, you can give one of these treats a try—candied bacon and chocolate chip ice-cream sandwiches, blood orange cocktails or even bottled water with a cause.

According to a story I read in the travel section of USA Today, the hotel’s “Art of Water” menu taps the industry’s movement toward offering items that reflect the tastes and ingredients of a property’s locale, as opposed to the hotel’s far-away corporate HQ.

Omni is rolling out these culinary treats and feel-good refreshments this summer. It’s just one of the latest examples of how hotels are trying new approaches to their food and beverages to maximize customer interest and, in turn, profits.
“By elevating the quintessential summer ingredients – cocktails, ice cream and water – we are able to ensure our guests genuinely enjoy their time by the pool,” explains David Morgan, Omni’s vice president of food and beverage.

At least it would justify ice cream for breakfast, right?

Source: USA Today

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