Altaira – Luxury High-rise Condos Bonita Springs Florida

Altaira luxury high-rise condos Bonita Springs Florida - contact david@davidflorida.comAltaira has many options at this moment to choose from view, floorplan, finish colors, contemporary or traditional finishes, price point, as well as 2 different fully-furnished models. Let’s find the perfect SkyHome to meet your goals and dreams.

Contact David at 239-285-1086 or for additional information.

Altaira Current Price Sheet

Floor Plans!

The square footage totals are approximate and may vary due to construction. Each purchaser is advised that there are various methods for calculating square footage of a Unit, and depending on the method of calculation, the quoted square footage of a Unit in advertising materials may vary from the square footage of a Unit as stated or described in the Prospectus and the Declaration. The dimensions noted herein have been calculated from the exterior boundaries of the exterior walls to the centerline of interior demising walls, including common elements such as structural walls and other interior structural components of the building and in fact vary from the dimensions that would be determined by using the description and definition of the “Unit” in the Prospectus and the Declaration. The area of the Unit determined in accordance with Unit boundaries as defined in the Prospectus and the Declaration is less than the square footage reflected here.

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